MR-16 / GU-10 LED Lamps

MR-16 / GU-10  


The iMR-16 requires only 4.5 watts to operate.  Led technology saves up to 80% of the light energy cost of a current Halogen MR-16.


Designed and built with the highest level of components available today, including industry leading CREE LED’s, this UL approved product is produced in a world class manufacturing environment to the highest level of quality standards to assure a minimum of 50,000 hour bulb life, more than 20 times the life of standard Halogen bulbs.

Thermal Management

A hidden advantage of this bulb is its highly efficient thermal management system.

Worldwide Installation

The iMR-16 LED bulb has been designed as a 12 volt product allowing this product to be installed in virtually any country in the world!

Beam color and angles

Designed for accent lighting applications the iMR-16 is available in 2700, 3000 and 4300 Kelvin and comes in a variety of beam angles including a 23, 32, 44, and 60 degree.  In addition, each bulb optic has been designed to provide superior beam conformation, peripheral lighting and intense Center Beam saturation to create a truly superior high powered accent light as well as room filling lighting coverage.

MSI MR-16 Non-Dimmable Technical Specifications

MSI GU10 Technical Specifications